Discovering Noga Erez

Noga Erez is an israeli artist that does many many things. She is a producer, composer, percussionist and keyboardist. She plays some kind of electropop that could be identified with St. Vincent or FKA Twigs. Before going solo she was a member of “The Secret Sea”. 

One of her first moves as a solo artist was to create a cover for “Son Lux’s” Weapons prior to their show in Tel Aviv. . The artist himself found the cover, shared it and invited Noga to open for his act in Tel Aviv.

An album is on the way but there are some amazing live versions of her songs and covers like Let It Happen from “Tame Impala” or Where Did You Sleep Last Night.

We had the chance to ask her some questions before their shows at Primavera Sound in Barcelona.

You compose, produce and play most or all the instruments in your songs. Did you found an equilibrium between all those or do you feel that you spend too much time in something?

I spend a lot of time improving technical skills such as playing and singing better and it’s important. But what I believe always requires more practice is working on creative skills and improving my songwriting and producing skills..

What can we expect from your first album?

Expect it to be fun and intense.

Will you keep being “quiet” in your music or will you go “crazy” at certain times?

My recent live videos are everything but quiet. The songs are mostly up tempo and the live show is totally crazy.

noga erez
Foto: Ofer Dabush

What did motivate you to leave “The Secret Sea” and go solo?

I have always has songs of my own and I was working on them before and while I was part of ‘The Secret Sea’. What motivated me to leave was the fact that things started to happen with my music, and I wanted to be focused on taking it forward.

Do you think that not being from the UK or US is a handicap to you? In terms of hype and being under the radar of big labels.

Generally, I have the same access to people’s email addresses and Facebook profiles as someone who lives in London or NY. But as far as the chance of meeting important people randomly, or even setting an appointment, it’s harder. And more expensive…

If you put a tag (or more) to your music which would it be?

Music for the hectic jogger.

Do you have any pre-show routine?

Nothing special. Just trying to appreciate the fact that I’m about to be in a very interesting and unusual situation.

In a few days you’re going to play at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Something special prepared?

We have a dangerous routine of playing a new song every couple of shows and it appears that it’s about to happen this time as well. Besides that there’s a costume made outfit and a new show set up…  

What would you say to our readers to convince them to come to one of your shows at the festival?

I’d say that my drummer is hot!


TEST Madafackismo

A celebrity which you would like to have a few drinkgs/hang out?

PJ Harvey

A Sci-fi character that you admire

Trinity from the Matrix

Last record that you´ve listened

The new Radiohead

Best show of your life (as attendant)

St vincent, Primavera 2 years ago


Noga Erez will play at next Primavera Sound in Barcelona in the following dates:

Tuesday, May 31st @ La [2] de Apolo (21:00)

Thursday, June 2nd @ DayPro Stage (11:00)

Thursday, June 2nd @ NightPro Stage (17:00)