Discovering Methyl Ethel

How was the early days of Methyl Ethel?

We try to keep ourselves self contained and maleable. We’re a Little band in a big world.

How would you define our sound?

Confessional laments for him or her. Basically, guilt poems set against an expansive background.

How do you work as a band while composing?

I (Jake) compose everything in isolation.

Which are your most important music influences?

Everything is an influence. Artists who are uncompromising are the biggest influence.

How would you describe Oh Inhuman Spectacle?

It is a record that is deeply rooted in personal turmoils. It poses ambiguous answers to questions that have ben figuratively asked.

One of the best songs of the album is “Twilight Driving”. Can you tell us more about the song?

The chorus lyrics were conceived first, then the song was written, stream of conscious, after it. It uses the anxiety of driving in Australia, with the threat of hitting the local fauna, as a sort of metaphor.

In a few days you’re going to play at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Something special prepared?

It will be very special for us, we hope it is for you too.

Which show do you remember as your best one?

We played a really great show tonight in Brussels.

What do you think about the music scene in Australia at the moment?

It’s great, i’m sure there is great music coming form everywhere at all times however.

Any artist or band that you would like to join on stage?

I’d love top do anything with Anohni.

TEST Madafackismo

A celebrity which you would like to have a few drinks/hang out?

Warren Ellis

A Sci-fi character that you admire


Last record that you´ve listened

Drool – Cara Stricker

Best show of your life

All Tomorrow’s Parties

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