Radiohead Live Glastonbury 2003 (VÍDEO)


0:37 There There
6:15 2+2=5
10:00 Lucky
14:16 The National Anthem
19:12 Talk Show Host
23:53 Where I End And You Begin
28:22 Climbing Up The Walls
32:25 The Gloaming
35:48 No Surprises
39:50 Fake Plastic Trees
44:45 Sit Down, Stand Up
49:00 Go To Sleep
52:45 Sail to the Moon
57:15 Paranoid Android
1:03:40 Idioteque
1:08:10 Everything In It’s Right Place
1:15:00 Just
1:19:01 Karma Police
1:24:03 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Brais Iglesias Castro

Director de Madafackismo Underground. Agitador online al ritmo de Tame Impala, Spacemen 3 y Pink Floyd. Ferviente defensor de las divas pop. Dua Lipa o barbarie. No me gusta la turra folkie.