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Pinemen is one of the most exciting new bands from Sweden. Their garage rock jams are filled with distorted vocals and drenched guitar riffs. The band is formed by Erik Ernsäter (vocals/bass) and Vincent Fagerström’s (guitar).

How were the early days of Pinemen?

Vincent: This is something we’ve been discussing a lot lately, the fact that we used to be so afraid until very recently. We limited ourselves by thinking that we were only allowed to play a certain type of music. Buying the idea of a false and premeditated authenticity. But you can not let the traditional view on the matter define something so subjective.

Which are your most important music influences,? Which bands and artists?

Erik: Nothing exciting really, pretty much the text book stuff. What’s interesting though is to look at how artists approach their artistry.

How would you define your sound?

Vincent: Different from our old stuff.

How do you work as a band while composing?

Vincent: Except for when we do the live shows Pinemen is not really a band but a duo. So it’s actually just me and Erik that you hear on all of the recordings.

Erik: As opposed to the EP we released last year the writing is mostly done while recording. The process of recording often times reveals weak spots in the original ideas forcing us to either rewrite or sample other ideas.

What do you think about the music scene in Sweden at the moment? Could you recommend us some cool bands to check out?

Vincent: It feels like it’s just growing and growing in Stockholm which is great. I guess we have these new independent labels, like our label PNKSLM, to thank for that.

Erik: Yeah, they’re doing a great job of finding new bands from all over Sweden and sneaking them in to all kinds of places, sometimes even the most fancy clubs. You should really check out Boys, Magic Potion and Holy to name a few.

What are your upcoming projects or goals in short time?

Vincent: We’re in the middle of writing and recording an album so everything kind off revolves around that right now.

Which show do you remember as your best one?

Erik: A show in Stockholm were we unexpectedly played for a crowd of only Russian people who seemed to never have heard of Pinemen. They turned out to be super rowdy and afterwards this one guy offered us a bunch of money to play in St Petersburg. He promised us a huge turnout and all the glorious Eastern European fame Russia has to offer. We’re still waiting for that guy to make good on his promise though.

Which band or artist would you like to join on stage?

Erik: I’ve read somewhere that Quintron has an improvisational band called the Weather Warlock that plays along with the weather detecting synthesizer he built a few years back. That would be cool.

Vincent: An improvisational band sounds like a nightmare. I’d prefer a concrete task to execute.

TEST Madafackismo

A celebrity which you would like to have a few drinks/hang out

E: Fred Armisen

V: Mark Hamill

A Sci-fi character that you admire

E: Kevin Flynn

V: Plo Koon

Last record that you´ve listened

E: Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

V: GUM – Flash in the Pan

Best show of your lifes

E: King Khan & The Shrines

V: King Khan & The Shrines

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