Discovering Anty Pony

The Sound of Anti Pony is a perfect mix between psychedelia – particularly, classic bands like 13th Floor Elevators – and XXI century dream pop. From Stockholm the guitarist Alexander Pierre and the singer Sanna Colling are the duo responsible for creating soundscapes in songs as I Go Places or Cry On The Floor.

How were the early days of Anti Pony?

Alexander: – During our first live shows it was only me and Sanna on stage. Electric guitar and vocals. We recorded two songs, did a gig in Stockholm and a few days later we went to Canada and did a mini tour. Why it happened is a long story. But I met a wonderful person named Colleen Hixenbaugh during a tour in Germany. She invited me and Sanna to come and hang out with her and her husband, Ron Sexsmith, in Toronto. She helped us with gigs in Canada and New York. It was about the best start you can imagine and we were full of inspiration when we came back to Stockholm again.

Why did you choose Anti Pony as the band name?

Alexander: – We don’t hate ponies. Anti Pony is some kind of a rebel-pony that we have created. It just popped up one night and we liked it. I dig the word Anti and I dig Ponies. Maybe it was a stupid combination of the two words but I think it’s awesome.

How would you describe the sound of Anti Pony?


How do you work as a band while composing?

Sanna: – Most of the time we work very separated. I write some lyrics and Alexander starts with the music. And when we both have some sort of idea we try to combine it. And often, because of that, we end up working on two songs at the same time.

Which are your main influences? Which bands and artists?

Sanna: – It’s hard to tell what my own influences are, I mean, just because I listen to one specific artist doesn’t mean it will influence me. But when it comes to lyrics I love Tom Waits, Björk, The Kinks and Stevie Nicks. But really, I listen to all sorts of music.

Alexander: – I don’t know really, but I have listened a lot to Jimi Hendrix, Hansson & Karlsson, The Kinks, Nina Simone, Pugh Rogerfeldt’s first album, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Björk, Beatles, E.S.T and Nick Drake to name a few.

What are your upcoming projects or goals in short time?

Sanna: – We’re gonna release an EP this year, so we’re recording it right now. I’m really looking forward to let people hear what we’ve been working on. One of the songs have the most personal lyrics I’ve ever written so I’m a bit nervous how people will react.

Do you think it is harder to be on the radar of the big labels if you’re not from the UK or US?

Sanna: – No, not really. My experience is that the big labels are interested on what’s going on in the indie world. And to me it seems like the big record labels adapt the small way of doing things. Like how to promote a single and so on. We’ve also had some meetings with big labels and they seemed nice, haha.

Where do you prefer to play a concert, in a club/arena or in a festival?

Sanna: – Both, in a concert hall you know the people are there for you, so you don’t need to win them over. But it’s also fun to be the underdog, trying to impress the crowd.

Which show do you remember as your best one?

Sanna: – I don’t know if this was our best, but I definitely had a lot of fun, we did a show at a small club just outside Stocholm last year. It was so much people there and they danced to our music, it was the first time someone danced and I got so emotional about it! It felt like every single person in the room contributed do the show.

Which band or artist would you like to join on stage?

Sanna: – Hmmm, hard question. Right this moment I would say my grandma. She used to play accordion and tour around Västerbotten in the north part of Sweden. When she was alive we always sang in harmonies together and I really miss hearing our voices together!

Alexander: – Bo Hansson, but unfortunately he’s dead

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A VIP person that you invite to go out in Stockholm

Alexander: – I would like to hang out with Patti Smith

Sanna: – Yeah, I agree

A Sci-fi character that you admire

Sanna: – I really don’t like sci-fi, I’ve seen like one movie (Spider man) when I was a kid, so I’m sorry but I don’t know. I was in love with Spider man when I was a little girl so maybe him, but I wouldn’t say I admire him…

Alexander: – I’m not very in to Sci-fi either, but I think Chewbacca is pretty cute.

Last record that you´ve listened

Sanna: – I just listened to a Swedish rapper called Erik Lundin and he just release an EP called Suedi. I really like it, you should listen to it!

Alexander: – I’m listening to Family Tree by Nick Drake right now.

A funny story (anecdote) that you can tell us

Sanna: – We did a gig in a small bar in Stockholm last year. The places was crowded and we had so much fun. Then all of a sudden the electricity went out and all the instruments went silent. At first we didn’t know what to do but than some guy gave us an acoustic guitar so me and Alex finished the gig all acoustic, I didn’t even have a mic. It was so magical! Everyone was quiet, and I could feel the present of every person in the room. I will always remember that.

Text: Brais Iglesias Castro @Bricepinkfloyd

Photo: Karl Lindahl